Monday, February 18, 2008

Love Heals All 

Love heals relationships.
Love heals finances.
Love heals creativity.
Love heals the earth.
Love heals disease.
Love heals war.
Love heals all things.

What is this Love?
God is Love.
Love is God.
Love is Happiness.
Love is Inner Peace.
Love is Gratitude.
Love is Joy.
Love is Power.
Love is Now.
Love is Intention.
Love is Holiness.
Love is Beauty.
Love is Wisdom.
Love is Truth.
Love is Life.
Love is Giving.
Love is Kindness.
Love is Infinite.
Love is Abundance.
Love is Freedom.
Love is You.
Love is Me.
Love is fun, safe and easy.
So why not choose it?

The only way to lose the game is to quit playing.
Life works when we Love.
Begin today to simply say, “ I al open and willing to love all things as they are.”
Watch the pain, problems, fears, obsessions, craziness, emotionality, confusion and difficulties melt away.
Love what is everyday and what isn’t will leave you alone.

Loving you,
Betty Lue