Saturday, February 23, 2008

Love Notes to You Everyday 

Do you know I sit down and write a Love note to you everyday?
Do you know that my Loving Reminders are a gift of God to you through me?
Do you know that I am Loving God, when I am loving you?
Do you know that God is loving me, as I write these Loving Reminders?

You tell me that often the reminders are exactly right for you.
That is because they are truly for You.
Yes, you matter to me and to God.
Yes, you deserve to be deeply and profoundly loved everyday.

Love comes in many ways.
Love comes with special messages.
Love comes with music.
Love comes to us with wakeup calls.

You are being loved, right now.
Are you willing to receive it?
Are you willing to receive the reminders just for you?
Are you willing to live the Good life that is available for you?

Love is big.
Love is unlimited. There is nothing Love cannot do.
Love is an experience.
When you let in that experience, you feel free and happy and safe.

We need not Do anything to be loved.
Love simply is our natural state.
You can be loved for doing nothing.
Simply receive all the Love that is there for you right now.

When I am in love, I am open to receiving Love.
When I am out of Love , I am closed to receiving Love.
When I am giving the Love I Am, I am willing to receive all the Love flowing through me.
When I am withholding the Love in me, I am closed and will not receive the Love being given to me.

So the conditions of receiving the Infinite, healing miraculous and creative Love available are:
Be willing to share the Love you have.
Trust Love is unconditional and not special.
Be open to receiving what is yours by birthright.

Always loving you with every Loving Reminder,
Thank you for receiving. It makes me very happy!
Betty Lue