Thursday, February 07, 2008

Loving Your Self is Loving Others 

Happy New Year! This is the year of the earth rat.
(See "Year of the Rat" in menu bar under Numerology.)

When we have not taken impeccable care of ourselves, we are not giving our best to others.
It is a gift of Love to do what we need to honor our own needs first, so that we are our best.
Loving others well is loving myself well, so that I have the best to give others.

Selfishness is the focus on what can I get from loving others.
“I expect you to do for me as much as I have done for you.”

Selflessness is giving away, everything I have to others.
“You are more important than me.”
Martyrdom is a part of old time religion and usually make the recipient of our love feel guilty.
When we give at the cost of ourselves, we teach others to feel guilty for our loss, pain and suffering.
Subtly we are sending the message:” Look at how much I have done for you.”

When we are aligned spiritually, we recognize that giving to others is giving to ourselves.
Giving to others becomes the gift we receive, when we have no conditions on the giving.
Our giving enhances what we have so that we have more to give.
There is no loss or lack in the giving.

Thus, to Have, give All to All.
Without specialness, our natural instinct is to share and care fairly and equitably.
It is in our nature to share with love that which we have and are.
Love is our natural state and loving is our way of expressing our nature.

When we make someone more special than others, we give more to get more.
When we make someone less special than others, we give less believing we get less.
Giving everyone our appreciation and open-mindedness opens the way to realize God’s Nature.
Giving everyone our love equally sets the standard for loving all Beings simply for Being.

Life is seen and experienced differently when we love ourselves equally to loving all others.
Love is see and experienced differently when we give to ourselves the same as to others.
The Golden Rule is lived when we treat others as we want to be treated.
Love your neighbor as you love yourself, (when you love yourself well!).

Loving you well, as I am reminded to love myself well.
Betty Lue

Imagine if your most beloved friend were giving you their inspired guidance, What would they suggest for you to do to take care of yourself well?