Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Can You Be the One? 

What are you seeking?
Can you be the One you seek?
What are you waiting for?
Are you taking time to really be with You?

Is it possible that you have been asking from others what you need to give yourself?
When we seek for love, it is because we are denying love to ourselves.
When we try to get approval, it is because we are not approving of ourselves.
When we are wanting listening and encouragement, we have not been listening to ourselves.

Take time to love yourself first, deeply and profoundly.
Where there is needed healing of the past mistakes, spend time forgiving your errors.
Where there are judgments that you are not good enough, give yourself messages of affirmation.
Where there is seeming lack, give attention to your essential needs and be generous with you.

Fill yourself to overflowing, so the joy and goodness pour out of you onto others.
Plug up the holes of self judgment, hurt, fear and discontent, so you can be full of self appreciation.
Clear away the debris of the past, so you can see the beauty that surrounds and fills you now.
Undo the limiting beliefs that are not true, to reveal the freedom you have in your heart and mind.

Know that our main function here is to find and connect with the blessing of our Essential Self.
We are here to connect with the Love within, the Being that was created solely to Love.
We are here to remember our inheritance of the Joy and Peace.
Forgiving and erasing, the worldly teachings of lack, littleness and limitation is the work.

Cleaning up our lives requires daily work.
This work is clearing up negative thinking with affirmation and positive visualization.
The work is cleaning up our emotional attachments and places of self-victimization.
And then there is cleaning up our lack of physical and environmental care in our bodies and homes.

This clean up work is truly with every breath, every word, and every activity.
To keep on covering up with more of everything just delays and distracts us from the real clean up job. Adding more sex, more drugs, more food, more work, is endless and ineffective in the long run.
Temporary numbing and forgetting creates more misery and self alienation.

To let it all go and find the True Beauty and Goodness within is where we must begin.
Devote yourself to letting go.
And remember with forgiveness and Love, Letting go is fun, safe and easy.

Loving you,
Betty Lue