Saturday, March 08, 2008

Healer's Prayer 

Healer’s Prayer from A Course in Miracles.
I am here only to be truly helpful.
I am here to represent the Love that sent me.
I do not have to worry about what to say or do because the Love that sent me will direct me.
I am content to be where Love wishes knowing that Love goes there with me.
I will be healed when I let Love teach me to heal.

Are you present always and only to be able and willing to be truly helpful?
Are you aware that Love (God) called you to be exactly where you are?
Are you willing to drop fear and worry and listen within to the guidance of Love Itself?
Are you at peace in being everywhere you go knowing that there is always a healing and holy purpose?
Do you experience healing and holiness in giving others the Love within you, knowing they are holy, too?

Is it possible that everyone you meet is a lesson in love?
Is it likely that there is always the Love of God in you?
Are you willing to give your very best, most respectful kindness to one and all?
Are you open for the healing of forgiving all fear and judgment?
Can you imagine a world in which everyone is truly helpful to everyone?

Life is a gift of Love to be shared.
Love is a gift of healing to be extended to all.
Healing is the remembrance of our natural state of Holiness.
Holiness is the Re Union with Self Source and All That Is.

Let us go together in peace.
Let us laugh as we forgive our errors.
Let us sing a song of Love.
Let us celebrate the wonder of creation.

Life is Good when we remember the Goodness We Are.
Loving is fun, safe and easy when we forgive all that has forgotten Love.
Healing is our Holy work as we live our lives in Love.
Our vocation is to forgive the lack of Love and remember the Holiness in EveryOne.

Loving you, loving one and all as One,
Betty Lue

Begin with the one that you are remembering right now.
Give that block to God and ask that you forgive your separation and fear.
Let Go and trust that in the release of fear, healing is offered.
The time is now to open the door to Love, only Love.