Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Highway of Life 

When you see someone in trouble by the side of the road,
Do you stop and offer help?
Do you say a prayer of comfort?
Do you hope someone else comes to help them?
Do you ignore the whole thing focusing on yourself?
Do you spend the day worrying and feeling guilty about not stopping?

When you hit a bump or pothole in the road,
Do you slow down and pay attention?
Do you get mad at the officials in charge of highway repair?
Do you call the road repair crew and ask that it be fixed or warn drivers?
Do you keep on going, without thinking twice?
Do you feel grateful for the blessing of having paved highways?

When there is an obstacle or vehicle in the roadway,
Do you get mad and blame someone?
Do you get help for the other drivers behind you?
Do you honk and make a fuss?
Do you get scared and become hyper-vigilant?
Do you seek help to remove the obstacle to provide safety for others?

When there is a detour for repairs or highway improvements,
Do you judge the way it is being done?
Do you speed on by as usual?
Do you give thanks we are in process of making our roads better?
Do you wish it had been done before?
Do you think about the “good old days” when it was easier?

When you get a warning from police, yellow light or traffic slow down,
Do you give thanks and slow down with ease?
Do you get angry and worry about your schedule?
Do you feel impatient and want to press through to get by it all?
Do you ask, ”Why does this always happen to me?”
Do you set the example for other good drivers and obey?

On the highway of life,
Do you drive the way you want your children to drive?
Do you talk as though all other drivers could hear you?
Do you behave in a manner that you would appreciate from others?
Do you imagine the highest and best for everyone who is journeying with you?
Do you wish you were somewhere else and space out?
Do you distract yourself with phone, TV, radio, music, conversation?

The behavior you see in yourself on the highway of life represents your behavior in your whole life.
If there are problems in your life, you might ask simply,
“What can I change that will have the greatest impact on improving the quality of my life?”
Everyday with our thoughts, words and behavior, we are teaching our world what we want it to be.

Loving you, as we all grow in our willingness to take responsibility for our life experiences.
Betty Lue