Saturday, March 01, 2008

It’s All about Attitude! 

It is not what you do but the attitude with which you do it!

When you make choices with joy, the experience is expansive and joyful.
When you make choices from fear, the energy is restricted and fatiguing.
When you choose with love, you feel delighted and positive.
When you choose with anger, you feel uptight, negative and drained.

When you feel resentful or hateful about work, the work will deplete you and cause stress.
When you work because you “Have to”, the work feels more tiring.
When you work because you “choose to”, You feel capable and productive.
When you work because you “want to”, you feel positive, energized and powerful.

When you say “no”, you will notice your heart and mind close.
When you say “Yes” you will feel you heart and mind open.
When you say “no” for the purpose of loving and giving more, express how you are saying “Yes”!
“It would be better for me to follow through another way.”
Thanks for asking me. I am called to spend my day taking care of myself, so will say “Not this time.”

To always “Give Your Best” means to develop a positive grateful attitude, before responding.
To develop an “attitude of gratitude”, look at what is working FOR you not what is AGAINST you.
To “Be Positive” means to look where you want to go, not in the shadows of where you have been.
To “Stay on the Bright Side” means to look up at the Sunlight, not down in the dumps.

Before we answer the phone, smile and think the best about the caller. I use; “God is calling.”
Before you write a note or letter, change any negativity into what you want the outcome to be.
Before you bring up new changes or choices in a relationship, ask what will be received with love.
Before you discipline a child, remember how much you love, respect and value this person.
Before you get in your car for work, appt. or errand, imagine how you want to experience the drive.
Before you do a project, develop goals, priorities and the experience you want to have.
Before you pay your bills, take time to pray for peace, patience, trust and gratitude.
Before you go to sleep, imagine how restful and renewing you want your rest to be.
Before you eat a meal, speak silently or aloud how grateful you are for the nurturing nutrition.
Before you get out of bed, give yourself some loving affirmation for the Goodness of the day.

You have time to remember your attitude creates your experience.

Loving you,
Betty Lue