Friday, March 07, 2008

Keep on Loving! 

Yes, we are here to learn.
We are here to practice.
We are here to remember.
We are here to forgive ourselves and others for forgetting.

Yes, it is simple.
We are here to Love.
We are here to forgive lack of love.
We are here to extend Love no matter what.

Yes, we can do it.
With practice, we strengthen our trust in the healing power of Love.
With practice, we can forgive anything and everything.
With practice, we can forgive ourselves and others for making mistakes.

Yes, it can be challenging.
As we move on in every school, the lessons become more difficult.
We can learn only with total willingness to practice what we know.
When we get confused or disappointed, it is because we do not remember what we know.

Yes, the world is complex.
The historical archives can be confusing.
We can get caught in the blame game, trying to change someone or something.
We can lose patience, wish it were done, and try to avoid ever being upset again.

Yes, we can heal everything with enough Love.
We can remember the beauty beneath the ugliness.
We can erase the craziness with enough laughter.
We can outshine the sun with our willingness to forgive.

In life our paths are circular, often like a spiral, leading upwards but reviewing past learning as we grow.
When we come to a place we have been before, it is to remember to practice the healing principles.
When we have done our best and someone yells or doesn’t “get it”, we need to simply forgive.
All of us make mistakes to learn.
How we respond to our mistakes and those of others determines the speed and ease with which the situation heals and the problems dissipates.
Let go and know all is well.
No need to judge.
No need to tell.
No need to fix.
Forgive and Love.
These are the tricks.

Definition of Forgiveness:
An eraser filled with Love.
Let go and Let Good.
Undo what is not true and see what Is.
The past is gone and all that is left is the blessing.
Selective Remembering of the Gifts.
Release everything that hurts and upsets you.
Letting your Love flow gives you Life.

Loving you, loving me, loving All endlessly,
Betty Lue