Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Let the Light Shine In 

As long as your mind is filled with useless trivia, judgments, opinions and past history, there is little room for inspiration, insight and enlightenment.
Enlightenment is letting go of the clutter and debris of the past.
Enlightenment is allowing your mind to be filled with Light.

Forgive all your mistakes and those of others.
Forgiveness is an eraser filled with light and Love.
Forgiveness dissolves all the fear, judgment, resentment and hurt into nothingness.
When Light enters your mind, you SEE what works, what is valuable and what life can be.
Let go and know!

No one can know, when they are filled with judgment.
When you do not understand, do not make it up.
When you do not understand, ask and listen with an open mind.
When you do not understand, forgive your judgments and opinions and history.
When you do not understand, let go and let Light in.

Life is simple.
In its attempt to understand, your mind often makes things complicated.
There is no wrong here, only the ego’s attempt to be right by figuring out what is wrong.
There is no competition here, only the ego’s attempt to be the best.
There are no preferences here, only the ego’s attempt to be especially different.
There is no special formula for joy, only the ego’s attempt to try everything.
There is no magical cure for disease, only the ego’s desire to find the right one.
There is no key to enlightenment, only the ego’s belief it comes to special ones.
There is no need for time and effort, only the ego’s decision to compete with God.

Let the past go.
Fill your mind with Light.
Open your Heart to Love.
And know the Goodness that is You and Yours.

Such is the Truth.
Blessed be,
Betty Lue