Sunday, March 02, 2008

Make Your Own Bed 

This morning, as I made my bed (which I do the first thing I arise), I realized the learning value of that simple daily act.

Everyday, no matter what our bed gets made.
Making the bed with loving care and gratitude and enjoyment sets the tone for the day.
Since I begin with appreciation and joy, I appreciate and enjoy my shower, my breakfast and everything I “get” to do each day.
I make my day and my life in the way I make my bed.

Think of your life as a canvas on which you have the privilege of painting beauty and goodness, lightness and wisdom or letting life happen to you.

Bed= rest and renewal and sleep
Our bedroom and our bed have good energy and restful reminders.
My bedroom and bed feel beautiful, loving and happy to me.
I have created the colors I like, the quality of sheets that I enjoy and the exact pillows and covers that work best.
There is only appreciation and enjoyment when I climb into bed and I easily rest.

When sleep time is done, I wake up naturally after 7-8 hours and make my bed with ease and gratitude.
I choose clothing that supports how I want to feel for the day.
It reflects to others the way I want to be see and treated.
It is the first impression people have of how I feel about myself.

I wear the face of someone who sees the world with love and wonder.
Usually wide-eyed, with a smile, I welcome the day and look forward to all the Good that is to come.
With a happy face and welcoming words of gratitude (no complaints), quiet listening inside and out,
I receive my life as a place of healing and creating goodness and Love for myself and others.

The breakfast I prepare is also beginning my day “right” with love and appreciation for exactly what is best for me. I eat the same daily because it restores my energy and fuels me for high level activity for 5-6 hours. Cooked organic brown rice cereal with applesauce, blueberries, cinnamon and honey (sometimes a few walnuts.) Again I begin my day creating the good energy I enjoy and use with appreciation.

When I look out my windows I see the redwood treetops and the large old oak tree in the early morning sky. I hear the birds enjoying the dawn. I watch the color come effortlessly across the panorama. I wave at the man who deliver papers and he honks softly in acknowledgment. And I listen within as I sit at my desk and wirte these loving reminders for me and for you. I am creating my day right now.

How we begin determines our attitude and our experience.
How we visualize the end determines the outcome.
Setting the goal of appreciation, fulfillment and joy for my day always yields success.
No one else creates my attitude. No one else sets the goals. No one else evaluates my success. I do.

Make Your Own Bed and Enjoy Lying In It!
Experiment with making your bed happily everyday for 30 days.

Loving You,
Betty Lue