Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring is Here! 

Trees budding, flowers blooming, birds nesting and lots of happy sounds, especially at dawn!
So what of spring renewal?
Seasonal changes are easy to attune ourselves to much needed changes.
And this is the time to wake up, cheer up.
Spring is a time to lighten up and to give up the darkness of closing our eyes.
To see things differently is to look for what you want to see.
You can continue to look for what is passing away or look forward to what is to come.
You can see the dead past or look for the renewal of the spring.

“Be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind.” Romans 12
So often we let others tell us what to think and say and do.
To get along, we go along with the latest fad, worldly belief, family gossip, or even scientific theory.
With a little forgiveness, letting go, open-mindedness, quiet contemplation, we can find a better way.

To not conform to the world requires a willingness to see things differently.
To change our minds invites us to let go of needing to be right and righteous.
To drop our opinion and stubborn judgment asks that we be willing to erase what is not true.
To heal our attitude asks that we seek for a better way that yields health, happiness and harmony.

Life invokes the best, the worst or just coasting, depending on our mindset.
One person in a family system or organization can affect the outcome of the whole.
The one happy person can bring greater energy, joy and creative possibility.
The one peaceful person can be a touchstone for letting go of fear and relaxing into ease.
The one loving person can give everyone an example of how to make things better for all.

Often we see the one who is different be ostracized or condemned by the group of conforming ones.
We may fear stepping out in faith, with a positive and healing message because it seems safer to go along.
We may resist thinking for ourselves and expressing individuality because it seems easier to go along.
We may dress, speak and act like others simply because we want to have the fun of belonging.
However, the payoff is to be average, dependent, wishy-washy and easily led astray.

Spring is here! Time to clear the cobwebs and weeds of the past.
Spring is here! Time to renew our energy and our spirit!
Spring is here! We can begin anew with out own goals, hopes and dreams.
Spring is here! We can plant what we want to have and be and do in our own lives.
Spring is here! Be clear that as you can change your direction, your goals and your choices.

You will attract those who are like you.
You will be admired and appreciated.
You will have self respect and appreciation.
You will be renewed in Spirit by the renewal of your mind.

Blessing us all this Spring,
Betty Lue