Monday, March 03, 2008

This is Your Life 

You are the artist creating each day as it is.
When you take responsibility for the colors on your canvas, you are empowered.
You can choose to learn from a master.
You can start over with a new canvas.
You can paint over what is already there.
You can live with what you don’t like.
You can ask someone else to tell you what to paint.
You can throw whatever is in hand on your canvas.
You can appreciate what you live with.

Many choices and they are all yours to choose.
No one else is at the helm of your life.
You can listen to the Master Navigator and get your bearings.
You can call on board someone who knows the channels better than yourself.
You can let go of all responsibility and let the currents and tides take you where they will.
You can do it all your way no matter what level of knowledge skill, confidence or attunement you have.

Life really is like a masterpiece that you keep working on or a series of paintings on which you put your individual stamp of approval or criticism.
And when we are open and willing to learn, we can choose each day brand new and play it as we feel it or want it to be.
We can allow the current external conditions and critics to determine the picture we paint…..
Or we can in solitude listen to our heart and create within the image we want to show up.

What is your worst nightmare?
What is your highest vision?
You choose what is in your imagination.
You can forgive and erase what you don’t want.
You can affirm and stay true to what you do want.

It is all our choice.
The Universe says, “YES”.

Everything is a lesson in Love.
Love yourself well and you learn easily and quickly.
Criticize yourself and contract and you may forget what you have learned.

Loving us all to learn in confidence and forgiveness, in willingness and gratitude,
Betty Lue