Sunday, March 09, 2008


Time to spring forward.
What are you waiting for?
What can motivate you to do that which you are called to do?
What will it take to live the life you desire and deserve?

It is our choice to use our time wisely or wastefully.
It is our doing to forget what is important and remember what is unimportant.
It is up to us to let go of meaningless living and return to meaningful giving.
It only requires that we value ourselves and our lives enough to choose.

Make today the beginning.
Make everyday the day which you dedicate to what really matters to you.
When you live with purpose and with passion, you will know great joy.
There is no better time than now to begin to LIVE,

I am loving you in loving you.
I am believing you can do what is TRUE for you.
I am trusting to you give that which inspires you.
I am counting on you to join those who seek to Be and Live and Love and Give for the Good of All.

Spring is coming.
You have the seeds at hand.
Now plant what you want to grow in your life.
And Know you need to remember them with nurturing, and valuing that which you have planted.

Here with You and for You,
Betty Lue