Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Back Home Again 

Getting a new perspective on life allows for appreciating what is working and changing what isn’t.
To go away is to release the pictures we have held about our relationship with what we have created.
To “respect: is to look again and see things differently.
To be “responsible” (able to respond) is to be ready and willing to respond effectively.

When we are not stuck with our prior viewpoint, when we are willing to look with forgiving eyes, we can see the intrinsic goodness beauty and wholeness .
Humanity may use tragedy, illness or fear as catalyst to be willing to see what really is valued.
A much more joyous way is to take time off from evaluating and comparing. Simply look with new eyes and see the Good that already is.
Be willing to appreciate rather than criticize.
Give your best to see and celebrate the best.
Trust all things are in your best interests.
See the Good and it expands.

“Yes” vacations have value to realize the Good life we have.
When they are used to compare with our daily life, they can cause judgment and depression.
When they are used to appreciate and upgrade what we have chosen, they create inspiration.
Fine-tuning our lives is simply a choice we make once we are responsible for our experiences.

How can you fine tune your life?
How can you see and appreciate the Good you have created?
How can you become responsible for the quality of your whole life?
How can you live joyously and give abundantly to yourself and others?

Every moment is a creation, a work of art.
Every word is a prayer or affirmation of what you are teaching your world.
Every thought you think is a reminder of the pictures you choose to hold.
Every action you take is an opportunity to build a better world and life for yourself.

Coming home is returning to the strength of who we are.
Coming home is reminding ourselves of our Holy and healing purpose here.
Coming home is the opportunity to be totally responsible for our experiences.
Coming home is a gift of appreciation and celebration for the Abundance we have.

Coming home for me is always a joy.
And in relationship with Source, Self and others, I am at home wherever I Am/
Loving you,
Betty Lue