Friday, April 04, 2008

The Body 

Yes, My Body Got My Attention.

Went to bed for a few days, said my affirmations, drank water and the flu had its way with me.
What do you do with the body stuff?
It seems to get my attention periodically by having its own form of temper tantrum.

Mind over matter works really well when it works.
And there are times when there is a compromise.
My job is to be quiet, breathe and rest and the body’s job is to clear the “stuff”.
So I don’t resist, don’t attach, and don’t judge.

Yes, there is much power in affirmation and prayerful denial.
And there is sometimes an apparent need to just be still.
With no judgment on what appears to be so, it seems to let itself go.
With no attachment to what I want to be, I find a flow that sets me free.

Today (Thursday afternoon) I am listening more to body, mind and Spirit to settle the score.
Just take time and let yourself be.
Finish up projects and you will see.
What’s next comes when this moment’s done.

So onto tomorrow is where I often go,
Urging myself forward ahead of the flow.
And in the effort I find I lose my Self.
I cannot hear or know the Goodness in this moment NOW.

So today, I am here.
Enjoying this time now.
Not casting wishes or needs about,
But rather appreciating the ease and Goodness in me and my life.

Maybe there is some asking “Why did this happen?” I need to erase.
Maybe there are apologies for missing something important that need to be made?
But really why not simply be glad to the day as it is, leaving behaind my questions, explanations, justifications and apologies.

It is what it is.
What could be is not.
What I wished might be is not here.
So I accept, enjoy and even let be what might have been.

Loving you, loving me and you and all as one,
Betty Lue

Hope you are reading Eckhart Tolle’s new book, The New Earth and taking the class with Oprah on Monday Nights.
It is all about these reminders and more as all of humanity’s willing ones awaken together.