Saturday, April 05, 2008

Love Begins at Home 

If you cannot love yourself well, how can you really love another?
What is your definition for love?
Usually we define love by how we were loved as a child.
So we give the love we received or some substitute thereof.

If the love we received was faulty, limited or conditional, we don’t know real, unlimited and unconditional love.
Often we are trying to give what we got or never give what we got, but we still don’t know how to love.
If you do not know how to love, you cannot judge what love is or is not.
Start by looking at how you love yourself.

The signs of loving oneself well are being happy, confident, conscious, and at peace.
When we love our selves we consistently experience these conditions, no matter what others say or do.
The signs of loving oneself in a limited way is that we are moody, anxious and periodically depressed.
We tend to seek for love outside ourselves by getting approval, affection, attention or even pain.

Love is Freedom and Trust.

Human or conditional love is restrictive and doubting.
It is fear based and ego driven.
It looks for signs of being unloved.
It rests on getting the love you need.
It is dependent on the behaviors and words of others.
It holds grievances for past mistakes.
It plans the future with caution, defensiveness and resentment.
It withholds love to protect itself from future hurting.
It measures, compares and evaluates acts of Love.

Spiritual or unconditional love is freeing and trusting.
It is based on Real Love and is guided by Spirit within.
It sees on the love and call for Love in others.
It is fulfilled and amplified by giving the Love you are.
It responds solely to the call for love when another’s behavior is unloving.
It immediately forgives the past and gives the gift of love and blessings in its place.
It sees life as the teaching opportunity to give love and joy and peace to All.
It does not display of lack of love personally and responds with openness, appreciation and love.
It seeks and celebrates all signs of loving from anyone, increasing the field of love around themselves.

Love is patient. Love is kind.
Love is healing. Love is inspiring.
Love is gentle, humble and natural.

Fear (hate) is impatient. Fear is unjust.
Fear is hurtful. Fear is depressing and depleting.
Fear is rude, arrogant and conjured up.

The only mistake we ever make is when we forget to love.

Loving you,
Betty Lue