Friday, April 11, 2008

Share the Good! 

To grow goodness, we must share it.
To increase Goodness, we must value it.
To expand Goodness, we must be it.
To have Goodness, we must live it.

To grow fear, darkness and yucky stuff, we simply need to keep on talking about it.
To increase what we say we don’t want, we need to emphasize it on TV and in media.
To expand the limitation, lack and negativity we hear, we need to believe it.
To have more of what is creating depression, violence and war, we must fight it.

It may be difficult to comprehend, but the real work it to forgive it all.
What really is under everything is the deepest yearning for Love, to give and receive Love.
We are in a position of creating opportunities to Love one another.
We are here to create beauty, goodness and Love everywhere in everything with Every One.

So let us celebrate each small act of kindness and expand it into a world phenomenon.
Let us seek to find all the good in the world one person at a time.
Let us bless and extend our deepest gratitude to those who choose to give unconditionally.
Let us enjoy the simple pleasures of everyday life in our own home and community.

Believe it or not, the kinder and gentler world comes from kind and gentle words.
Believe it or not, the love we seek is the Love we give.
Believe it or not, the way to peace is through forgiveness here and now.
Believe it or not, the path to true and lasting happiness is simply a choice to be happy.

We can choose Good.
We can see Goodness.
We can live in Godly and Good ways.
We can give with Goodness in our hearts.

Each one of us does and is making a difference.
Someone is watching you and your choices.
You are a role model for our young people.
You are teaching with how you drive, smile, pay bills and treat others.

You can change the world one person at a time.
Give only Goodness and Love and you will build a world of Goodness and Love.
You can erase all past mistakes and wrong-doings by yourself and others.
Simply forgive the past and choose to create a new future of happy choices and right action.

Share the Good by being Good and seeing Good,
Betty Lue