Sunday, April 06, 2008

Spontaneous or Scheduled? 

“Spontaneous, Free and in the Flow” or “Structured, Scheduled and on the Go”?

Planning, preparing and requiring exactness can prevent being open to inner guidance.
Intuitive responses can happen only where there is room for them.
Taking a moment to listen within requires a moment of quiet without thought or movement.
A structured and scheduled life can create the requirement for external perfection.

What if true freedom and essential perfection comes from the ease with which we respond to whatever is.
Freedom invites us to be willing to be flexible, be spontaneous, be structured and be open as called.
The perfection of our Essential Being is found in trusting we are what is “perfect” in each moment.
When we have no judgment, no requirement or regimen we can be truly response-able to life.

My life is full.
But then again it is empty in each moment, until it fills with what is in that moment.
I am highly scheduled and organized, but in the structure there is total flexibility to whatever is called for.
I create the opportunity for total freedom within the confines of this time and space paradigm.

Wow! Let’s look at how we get in trouble.
If we begin thinking, we must be on time…..
Or it is stressful to schedule too much.
We are inviting trouble (distress) with our judgments.

If we appreciate how rich life is with wonderful healing relationships and creative opportunities, we increase our joy and energy.
If we forgive all judgments on how we choose to use time, energy and resources, we see the perfection of sharing the abundance we have.
If we trap ourselves in trying to be “right” or trying “not to be wrong”, we get stuck in evaluating.
If we engage in the mental play of trying to be “spiritual” or be “loving” or be “helpful”, we get caught in the self conscious absorption of constant evaluation and lose flexibility, spontaneity and freedom of choice.

It is so much easier to live joyfully with freedom and trust.
It is so much more fun to play innocently with all that life is and has for you and me.
It is so much safer to free myself simply to listen, love, learn and let go with laughter and appreciation.
It is living abundantly to give all we have and receive the joy of realizing we are unlimited in power and in peace.

Joy, Joy, and more Joy,
Be free to live as you are called.
Choose again when you may be called.
And let go of all those self-critical and comparative thoughts that the world has taught.
You are perfectly fine, just as you are.

Loving you and me so we can be free to see the Truth of our Being,
Betty Lue