Wednesday, April 09, 2008

What is Our Real Job? 

Our real job is to forgive our mistakes.
To learn from mistakes is to recognize what is an error.
To forgive is to erase what is not what we want to be.
To undo what is not true for us is to erase it with Love.

Our real vocation is to be willing to let go of the behaviors, words and thoughts which do not create goodness, healing and Love. While we learned from the generations before us to condemn, punish, criticize, worry, blame and cause guilt wrong-doing, this has only increased the problem. The more guilt, the more fear, the more fear, the less consciousness. In other words, the guilty tend to commit the same mistakes again and still again.

It is not true that feeling guilty produces a positive change in behavior.
It is true that the beginning of healing unhealthy, destructive patterns is forgiveness of self and others.
It is true that we all seek to belong with love, respect and trust.
It is true that letting go of mistakes and rewarding positive behaviors strengthens them.

What we did not understand that attention (even negative attention) can be read by the ego as reward.
So whatever gets attention feels like reward to those who are hungry for Love.
Our real job in this world is to ignore those people and circumstances that we want to eliminate.
Feed the behaviors and relationships that you desire to increase.
Ignore the behaviors and relationships that you desire to extinguish.

Forgiveness at its best is remembering only the gifts of goodness and the blessings.
Forgiveness is being willing to give our best at teachers and role models.
Forgiveness is the Love that strengthens conscious, respectful and harmonious living.
Forgiveness is the opportunity to begin again with a fresh start and new choices.
Forgiveness is a gift to ourselves to let go of the pain, the fears, the judgments and the tears.
Forgiveness is giving the love we all want to ourselves and to others.
Forgiveness lays the foundation for making new choices, choosing again.

In the Presence of authentic unconditional love (not manipulative, seductive or conditional Love),
we are more open, creative and willing to give our best.
In the Presence of Real Love, we make healthy choices, based on our desire to love and be loved.
In the Presence of Divine Love, we feel healed and happy, confident and capable of doing our best.
In the Presence of True Love, we feel we will be loved no matter what.

This is the Love that heals.
This is the Love that binds.
This is the Love that creates.
This is the Love that grows.

Our real job is to never quit on Love.
Never withhold our Love.
Never forget to Love.

Loving you because I AM She Who Remembers,
Betty Lue