Tuesday, April 08, 2008

When Is It Time to Quit? 

Truth: Never quit on Loving You!
Love is freedom and trust.
To love is to free yourself and the other from attachment, fixing, taking responsibility for another.
To love is to trust yourself and the other is to allot people to find and follow their own path .

Remember, we each are responsible for our own life learning and healing, discovery and creations.
To take responsibility for another distracts you from your journey.
To take responsibility for another distracts them from learning they are responsible for themselves.
To take responsibility for another interferes with natural consequences and learning.

To respond to another’s criticism of us leads them to believe they are right and we are defensive.
To respond to another’s criticism distracts them from hearing the message they are delivering.
To respond to another’s criticism makes us believe they might be right and doubt ourselves.
To respond to another’s criticism focuses on us and not on seeing they are talking to themselves.

“Thanks for sharing” is an appropriate response.
Or simply be silent while stepping aside.
Or “That’s an interesting perception.”
Or “How would you like me to respond?”

When one is used, abused and confused in our relationships, we can fight, run, agree or be quiet.
When one is getting double message, we must trust that what is being said is what they want to be heard.
The actions or behavior of someone is what we need to trust.
To trust the ego, fear-based decisions, negative or limiting emotions of someone is a mistake.

Ego, learned personality defenses and patterns, are rarely helpful and they are not the Essence.
How people live tells about what they believe.
How people think is often what they speak.
How people treat us is a product of how they were treated and treat themselves inside.

We can love, trust and respect the Essence of everyone, including ourselves.
However, very few people live, love, speak and act from their Essence.
Often in the initial stages of relationship, people show their very Best…who they want to be.
As people become comfortable, their learned patterns of fear, distrust and lack of respect emerge.

Until one is ready, willing and able to change their patterns, they will be repeated.
We are responsible for changing our responses to others.
We are not responsible for changing their behaviors or responses to us.
To continue trying to affect change in another is our own insanity in believing we can.

Quit taking responsibility for another’s behaviors and beliefs.
Quit letting others’ behavior and beliefs hurt you.
Quit trusting what others say when they continue to break their agreements.
Never quit on loving, extending the energy of trust and freedom to yourself and others.

Loving you as I love me in loving All,
Betty Lue