Monday, April 07, 2008

Why Are You Here? 

To know what our purpose is gives life direction.
To follow in the direction that is true for us gives us inspiration.
To have inspiration gives us energy to live true to what is best.
To live life in integrity with our purpose is fulfilling.

When we are fulfilled, we are happy and healthy.
When we are unfulfilled, we are hungry and searching.
When we are hungry and searching, we keep seeking and trying.
When we are seeking and trying, we are not satisfied with the choices we make.

Looking for peace and happiness in the wrong places leaves us disappointed and discouraged.
Making choices that are inadequate or only temporary, leaves us confused and uncertain.
When we are confused or conflicted, we make try other’s methods and prescriptions.
When following others, we may neglect, deny or dismiss our own inner knowing and guidance.

We are each here uniquely to listen within and follow “God’s Plan” which some call Call God’s will.
Our first function is to forgive all the ways we have negated the Love and Goodness within.
Our purpose is to find inner peace and lasting happiness.
Our Goal is to complete our mission with Oneness, Union with God, perfect Trust, knowing God within.

The Peace of God is our single goal, the aim of all our living here. ACIM
Fulfilling our piece of God is our Goal that we might live life in alignment with what is Good for the greater whole.

Just like each cell in the body has its own unique unction, so we have ours.
When we are fulfilling our part perfectly we are creating the health and wholeness of the whole body.
This is our work.
We must let go of trying to be like others or be distracted by worldly temptations to be other than what we are created to be.

Be true to the Essential and Real You by listening within.
In this you will find health, happiness and inner peace.
Betty Lue is loving you and me!