Saturday, May 17, 2008

Earning Trust 

Once a trust is betrayed, we must earn back being trusted.
Once a trust is forsaken, we must make amends and make changes.
Once a trust is forgotten, we must forgive ourselves and choose again.
Once a trust is broken, we must humbly clear the pain and heal the wounds.

Trusting relationships are based on keeping our promises.
Trust is built on keeping our word.
Trust is strengthened each time we honor our agreements.
Trust is based on a safe place to be Who We Are.

A safe place is one in which we are loved and accepted.
A safe relationship is one in which we can fully express ourselves.
A safe communication is one where all parties are listened to and respected.
True and lasting trust is where we know we will be loved no matter what.

Trust in the safety of a loving relationship is founded on:
No criticism or complaints.
No badgering, nagging or threatening.
No violent or abusive language or behavior.
No interrogation, manipulation or control.
To quitting or threatening to end the relationship.

To build trust:
Trust is earned.
Trust is based on consistency and commitment.
Trust is more precious than venting emotional upset.
Trust is the foundation for all truly loving relationships.

Choosing to live in trust.
Committed to live in love.
No matter what I choose to LOVE,
Betty Lue