Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Full and Over Flowing 

Dear God, Infinite Intelligence, Chi, almighty Creator of the heavens and the Earth,
Beloved Oneness, Divine Mystery, Master Teacher, Angelic Presence and All That Is:
I behold the blessing of today and I rejoice.
There is no Greater moment than to be in the Now.
All is filled with the Light and Love of my own conscious appreciation and gratitude.
I behold the blessings because I am blessing what is.
I feel the healing Presence because I extend the Presence I Am.
I celebrate All Life because I acknowledge the flow of All Life in Me As Me.
Life is Good because I have so ordained and so it is.
I am blessed and a blessing as I receive and give the Blessing I AM.
And this is wondrous and miraculous and natural and so Sweet!
I am grateful to be me, to be free, to be happy and to remember that which I AM.
Loving Thee, the One We Are in Unity and Love.

Energy flows where our attention goes.
Have you noticed that when you focus on what is Good, it lights up on the movie screen of life?
And when you focus on what you judge to be “bad”, it also lights up on the movie screen of life?
Appreciate what you value and it will increase with your attention.

Miracles are the natural expression and outcome of loving (trusting and freeing).
When we trust there is Good in whatever appears to be, the Goodness appears.
When we let go and free ourselves of attachment to what we want, what is loving for all appears.
Love all things with trust and freedom and you will see what is whole and good.

Where there is no resistance, no attachment and no neediness, energy flows and love creates.
Waste no energy on the negativity of complaining, avoiding, judging or blaming.
Fatigue and disease come from blocking the natural flow of life.
Forgive all blocks to Love. Free yourself from fear. Extend only Peace.

Life is what I make of it with my attitude, my choices and my appreciation.
Loving you in your remembering to Love,
Betty Lue