Sunday, May 25, 2008

Middle Man 

Who is the middle man in your life?
Who benefits from your good work?
Who takes the credit for your successes?
Who takes the blame for your mistakes?

Who stands between you and God?
Who do you go to when you want spiritual counsel?
Who is it that you believe has answers for you?
Who do you run to when you are lost or afraid?

What keeps you from connecting directly with Source?
What do you believe is your rightful place with God?
How do you find your way home to the One Who Loves You?
How do you stop separating from your True Parent?

What I call Holy spirit is available to you right now.
Who you are is worthy of the One Who is our Source.
Only your self judgment keeps you afraid and separate.
So forgive all your mistakes and continued separation.

Trust that the communication line is always open.
Trust that you can receive direct and immediate answers.
Trust that within you is everything true and Good and Loving.
Trust that the guidance you seek is waiting for your reception.

Where you have a reliable middle man, use it with gratitude.
Continually seek the direct line yourself.
Remember you hold the key to a fun safe and easy life.
Remember that your Creator, God and True Parent wants you happy and free.

No matter what the spiritual answer to any question you have, you can always do it your own way.
When you listen within, you will be guided to the path that is best for you and all.
When you follow what you hear, your life will be fun, safe and easy…around the obstacles.
When you don’t follow what you hear within, your ego will hear less or distort what you hear.

You can begin to sit and listen within.
You can remember to honor your Inner Voice rather than please outer authorities or special people.
You can choose to allow your whole life to be spiritually guided in order to live in freedom and trust.
You can be all that your are here to be by giving your life to the Highest Good, the most High God.

Remember, God can be translated at Goodness, Creator, Higher Power, Essential Truth, Great Mystery, the Source of All That Is, Allah, Yahweh, Love It Self and by any name or no name for the unseen and essential source of what appears to be.

Loving you on this Memorial Sunday, as we all wake up to remember the Essential Goodness in Everyone.
Blessings of Joy and Gratitude.
Betty Lue

Off to my Living Ministry weekend with our 13 ministry students, several of whom are about to be ordained.