Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother’s Day Postscript 

Yes, I am Mother to many beautiful ones.
Yes, I bring confidence and courage.
Yes, I model forgiveness and compassion.
Yes, I nurture with Love and nourish with affirmation.
Yes, I am guided by Spirit and seek only Good for All.
Yes, I am willing to learn and to share the best I know.
Yes, I am healing and growing in faith and freedom.
Yes, I am Mother to many.

Perhaps I have mothered you in some way that was needed.
Perhaps I shared some words you needed to hear.
Perhaps I looked at you with eyes of compassion.
Perhaps I held you in my arms reassuring you were safe.
Perhaps I loved you just at the time you forgot to love you.
Perhaps I spoke strong and direct in a way you respected.
Perhaps we both knew this Love could change everything.
Perhaps we healed ourselves and our world.

I know that everyone is “Mother”.
I know we all have children to love.
I know in life we are all creating within.
I know that in listening within we receive the grace to give.
I know we are kin.
I know the world needs us all.
I know each one can begin.
To listen and answer Love’s call.

This is our time to bring the warmth and light of Love.
This is our time to offer forgiveness and peace to one and all
This is our time to remind ourselves with kindness and respect.
This is the time to bring the best we know everywhere we go.

So Mothers be willing and happy and true.
So mothers, male and female, young and old.
Let us give our promise to listen within.
Let us unite to respect and answer Love’s call.

Our world needs us NOW!

I am loving us all as One to remember we are One,
Betty Lue