Thursday, May 08, 2008


Is your life on purpose?
Do you find meaning in everything you do?
Are you able to experience gratitude everyday?
Do you see what is working even in what is called “Bad”?
Are you at peace wit all your relationships?
Do you take good care of your body, mind and Spiritual needs?
Are you willing to take risks that delight and excite you?
Do you follow the happy and loving voice inside you?
Are you conscious of how your thoughts, words and activities effect others?
Do you listen daily and allow yourself to honor what you know is best?
Are you willing to let go of those activities and habits that distract or delay you?
Do you give yourself time and space to be alone in quiet to listen and fill up spiritually?

So often we get caught in the world of doing, controlling, fixing, changing, working and effort.
We forget the inner experience of happily being, allowing, accepting, appreciating, playing and ease.
Often we listen and learn from friends, family, experts, authorities, books and research.
We forget to love, trust and respect our own inner awareness and knowing in our heart/mind.
Often we try to fit in, to belong, to go along, to win, to get approval and love for conforming.
We forget we are here to play our own unique part which sets us apart from all others.
Often we want invisibility and normalcy so we don’t get criticized or blamed.
We forget we are to lead by example and show the happy purposeful way to live.

Remember, you can choose today to give your very best.
You can choose today to honor what is true for you.
You can choose today to stand away from the crowd.
You can choose today to live your life on purpose.

This is your gift, your path and your way to True and lasting happiness and inner peace.
Loving you,
Betty Lue