Monday, May 05, 2008


Indeed, to whom and for what are we responsible?
Are we solely responsible for our own individual health and happiness?
Are we responsible for the quality of our relationships?
Are we responsible for the degree of mastery and excellence in our work?
Are we responsible for the care of our home and work environment?
Are we responsible for the condition of the traffic and ease in driving?
Are we responsible for our future and that of future generations?
Are we responsible for our health and way of life?
Are we responsible for care of our children and our parents when they are unable to care for themselves?
Are we responsible for how we handle the diverse experiences and relationships in life?
Are we responsible for the choices and decisions we make and their consequences?
Some would say a resounding YES.
Others would say only when we are conscious>
What do you say?

I am hearing within, we are responsible for being able to respond.
When we are willing and happy to be responsible, we will be ready and able.
Taking impeccable care of ourselves gives us the center, the strength and awareness to be responsible.
How we respond to life is a product of our training, our beliefs, our experiences and our choices.

To begin, I must assume responsibility for my own life choices and experiences.
Even when influenced by others, I can see how I chose to be influenced or open.
Even when I have allowed others to take responsibility, I can acknowledge my choice to be dependent.
Even when I choose to let the legal system, body, holy scripture to guide me, I am responsible.

Look at the roles you play: parent, adult child, community member, teacher, therapist, human being.
What are your responsibilities therein?
To be the best role model?
To take good care of yourself?
To learn from your choices and their consequences?
To teach others the highest and best you know?
To give what you want to receive?
To be happy with what is?
To appreciate and take impeccable care of what you have?
To honor your elders, the planet and your life?

I am willing to be responsible, are you?

Loving you,
Betty Lue

My Mom and Grandma believed in giving children as much responsibility as they could handle and a little more to grow into. So at a very young age, I had many adult responsibilities. There can be no blame when we take full responsibility for the quality of our lives and our relationships.

Are we not all responsible for the children of the earth and what we are teaching them by our example?

This is the twins third birthday party at Fairyland. (Lila and Harper and their 18 month old BIG brother Beckett)