Monday, May 26, 2008

Simply, The Best! 

I Simply Want The Best for You!

You are my friend, my partner, my spiritual pen pal.
You are my Self, my student, my guide, my inspiration.
You are my Savior, my Seeker, my Server, my Helpmate.
You are a part of the One, for whom I want Simply The Best.

I Want Simply and Only the Best.
And I don’t mean the best car or boat or house.
I don’t mean the best income or awards or vacation.
I do mean what really is the True and Lasting Best.

I want you to know Love, True and Real Loving both given and received.
I want you to have Peace, the deep and restful Peace of each breath of Gratitude.
I want you to experience Joy, the Happiness that lives within every moment of enjoyment.
I want you to feel the Power, the Higher Power of creative vision, revealing what is Good for All.

I want you to sing in the shower and laugh in the rain.
I want you to have beautiful thoughts and express kind words.
I want you to live in a world that values your beauty and grace.
I want you to give kindness and respect and receive always the same.

You see, you are me and every child, sister and brother.
You are a gift waiting to be revealed, given and received with joy.
You are a treasure of unlimited potential, precious in His Sight.
You are to me the most magnificent and beautiful Gift in All Creation.

I want you to Simply Be and Have and Do and Receive and Give The Best!
Loving you with the Best I know,
Betty Lue