Saturday, May 03, 2008

Stewardship of Resources 

“To whom much is given, much is expected!”
We have each been given the many freedoms of our country. We have health care, education, technology, jobs and provision, recreation in national and local parks and open space, cars and freeways, access to travel and so much more. Individually we have the advantages of being aware of each moment, every relationship, with awareness of our thoughts and feelings, opportunities to explore and experiment with beliefs and causes, with politics and campaigns, with creating and communication, with achievement and production, with vision and manifestation. We have been given so very much.
Are we using what we have for the good of All?
Are we taking for granted our rights and privileges?
Are we taking our responsibilities seriously?
Are we giving what we have been given?
Certainly when we feel entitled or expect to get much and even more, we may not appreciate what we have.
When we have many talents, resources, opportunities and much approval, we may get lazy with the gifts.
And when we are lazy (spoiled) we may expect more without giving more.

Questions to ask yourself:
Are you pleased with your accomplishments?
Have you expressed gratitude to those who supported and mentored you?
Do you give consistently to those people and causes that inspire you?
Do you take care of your home and car by keeping them clean and in good condition?
Do you have things boxed and in storage which might be better used by those who lack?
Are you willing to extend help and volunteerism to people in need of your services?
Do you spend money only on those things which are positive and beneficial to you and others?
Can you say that you give good eight hours work for eight hours pay?
Do you really tell the truth and keep yourself clear of lying, cheating and stealing even a little?
Do you give for the sake of contributing or simply to get something in return?
Are you willing to step back and encourage yourself to demonstrate your gratitude by giving more?

Remember, your life is a gift of resources and opportunities.
You can squander them or give them as an investment in trust.
The rewards of giving and the full utilization of what we have yields unlimited abundance of happiness and fulfillment. Giving abundantly is receiving abundantly.

Love fully.
Laugh freely.
Let go easily.
Enjoy always.
Betty Lue