Saturday, May 24, 2008

What’s Happening? 

Opportunities to learn and grow?
Challenges to strengthen us?
Choices to confirm or change?
Places to serve with trust and peace?

What’s happening in your home and your body?
What’s happening to your finances and your gas tank?
What’s happening with your family and your friends?
What’s happening on the planet and with your politics?

Where there is strife, there is a call for peace.
Where there is hurt, there is a call for healing.
Where there are tears, there is a call for comfort.
Where there is fear, there is a call for safety and security.

There are opportunities around us in every moment to bring the best we know.
There are challenges begging for creative solutions of healing for all.
There are choices and commitments to remember or release (forgive) and choose again.
There are many places to serve with ourselves, in our families, work place and abroad.

To respond to the imbalances, conflicts, dis-eases and violence in the world (whether personal or planetary), we need to be centered and grounded in peace and love within.

The greater the need, the stronger the call.
The more sincere our response, the greater the healing.
Where we see there is need, it is ours to fill.
With prayer and spiritual presence, with love and kindness, with laughter and letting go, with listening and reassurance, with taking action without reaction, with sincere interaction and creative solutions.
Whatever our way, we can respond to the happening with the love we are and the peace we know.

Life is for giving.
We are the gifts.
When we give ourselves fully, we realize the gift we are.
Life is a gift to us, to be given with gratitude and Joy.

Loving you and me for our happy and faithful willingness,
Betty Lue