Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What’s New? 

So what’s new with you, Betty Lue?
We’re moving our home again.
Within the last 30 days, many things have changed.
All change works together for Good.

I trust with happy willingness following the De Light, there is only Good for all.
Our Creator and Source wants us all to be whole, happy and free.
Our inner child wants to be whole and happy and free.
The natural co-creation when we are trusting and open will be always for what is Good for all.

We are buying a new home tin Trilogy in Rio Vista.
My mother is moving from Asheville, NC to live with us.
We are letting go of the Center of Light in Alameda.
We are placing our focus on following inner guidance with trust and gratitude.

Some spiritual guidelines or principles we are living:

1) Take impeccable care of our selves physically, mentally, spiritually, financially.
2) Be responsible and respectful of our (personal and spiritual) family’s needs and requests.
3) Create what will inspire, support and ensure fun, safety and easy living and joyful giving.
4) Live life making a positive difference with openness to the direction of Spirit within.
5) Appreciate everything we have and enjoy all that we give, each and every day.

Life is an opportunity to choose consciously.

Life is an intense schooling and reviewing of what creates happiness and inner peace.
I am loving me and you, as we allow life to inspire and strengthen our faith and freedom.

Blessings to everyone as we live and let live,
Betty Lue

Root meaning: To love is to free. So let’s let is all be.
Did you know the name Lieber is German for “To Love”?