Friday, June 27, 2008

Fun, Safe and Easy Transitions 

“Your transitions are like movement of the wind.”, said a dear friend of ours.

Yes. When you listen within, without judgment or fear, all movement is flow wherever you go.
I know when there are “”, I have unconsciously created them and must respect my own obstacles.
When I take responsibility, I forgive myself and the apparent glitch.
With forgiveness everything is seen in a new light and treated as a wakeup call and blessing.

Change is the nature of this physical reality.
Seasons, light, timing, the stars, weather, emotions, beliefs, people and more are changing constantly.
When we are judging the changes, we may feel hurt, scared, suspicious, lost, confused and upset.
When we are trusting the changes, we may feel amazed, appreciative, happy and even curious.

Where we are attached to the way it was, we probably are angry or hurting.
Where we are optimistic about the way it will be, we probably will feel hopeful and appreciative.
Where we are scared about the unknowns in the future, we may be resistant or avoidant.
Where we are faithful and trusting about the essential Goodness in life, we will be excited.

As the wind blows, so the clouds of darkness and despair are dispelled.
In the stillness there is silence and reflection.
When we are breathing easily and freely, our judging mind is erased.
When we are holding our breath hand withholding our love and trust we may feel afraid.

Some tricks to flow with change:
Affirm written and spoken aloud:
Letting go and allowing change is fun, safe and easy.
All change works together for Good for those who trust.
Blessings on all our changing adventures.
Betty Lue