Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bless or Curse? Forgive or Fix? 

Is it difficult to figure out what to do when it seems things are not what you want them to be?
Are you struggling with how to find and correct what went wrong?
Are you engaged in an endless cycle looking for what to do to make your life work for you?

When we bless, we uplift, inspire, appreciate and enjoy.
When we curse, we attack, diminish, intensify and deplete our own energy.
When we forgive, we undo, release, surrender and let go.
When we “fix”, we analyze, focus on the problem and get busy covering cracks in our consciousness.

Optimists look for the good to appreciate.
Pessimists look for the problems to fix or avoid.

What is your perspective?
Do you seek what can be?
Do you look for what might have been?
Are you focused on maintaining a happy outlook?
Are you trying to avoid being discouraged and depressed?
Is life getting your down or keeping you inspired?
Are problems challenges to be treated with enthusiasm and confidence?
Or are problems sources of irritation, anxiety and energy drain?

When we see life as an invitation to choose our perception and our response, it becomes simple.
When we see life as a struggle to get it right and keep going, we may find confusion and frustration.

Practical Application and Affirmations
I bless what is good and let the rest go easily and with gratitude.
I forgive my judgments, fears and failures and forgive others’ as well.
As I undo what I no longer choose to be, I can see the love and peace available to me now.
I love, trust and respect myself, when I know letting go is fun, safe and easy.

Experiment with life choices and you will discover these metaphysical truths:
Bless us all, everyone.
Discovery of life’s simple truths can be fun, safe and easy, when we stop judging ourselves.
Loving you,
Betty Lue