Thursday, July 03, 2008

Observe and You Will Know 

Recently, in the last few months, I have been experimenting with my thoughts.
Where I am in judgment of anyone or anything, I become vulnerable.
Where I am less that happy and appreciative, I am vulnerable.
When I am happy, grateful and in love, I am invulnerable.

Explain please.
Early Saturday, I had concerns, judgments and stress about the move out of Center of Light.
Later Saturday, I was disappointed and distracted by the poor quality of painting in our new home.
I became concerned about what to do that would be best to rectify the situation.
I shared my concerns with the contractor and with Robert.

On the prior Thursday, I let the little ones kiss me on the mouth even though one was not feeling well.
I had the thought, “I don’t know if this is a good idea. I might get sick, but they are sooooo cute.”
Three incidents, seemingly harmless, yet both were fearful and not fully appreciative and joyful.
The result is vulnerability in mind, body and Spirit.

On Saturday afternoon I began to feel a virus (illness) in my body.
While I started forgiving myself for the stresses of the day, I didn’t remember my judgments until later.
Vulnerability comes from any attack on a brother or on yourself.
When you judge another, you are judging yourself.

When we love and respect ourselves, we love and respect others.
When we worry and doubt others, we worry and doubt ourselves.
When we are forgiving toward others, we are forgiving toward ourselves.
When we are impatient or resentful toward others, we imagine others will be impatient/ resentful with us.

Indeed, we become vulnerable when we are focused on the wrongs in our world.
We become vulnerable when we make others wrong or lazy or incompetent.
We become vulnerable when we push to make things right or speed up or to make up for the incompetence.
You see in judging you or anyone, I am pointing out the problem, not seeing the solution.

Wherever the problem, there is one solution = TRUST.
Wherever a judgment, there is one solution = FORGIVENESS.
Wherever a doubt, there is one answer = BELIEVE IN THE BEST.
Wherever a fear, there is one healing Agent = LOVE.

I am a willing and happy learner, when I remember I am here only to be truly helpful.
I am here only to remember LOVE and be a LOVING REMINDER.

LOVING YOU, Loving Me.
Betty Lue

I am always learning and reminding myself. Blessings to you.
And Happy Independence Day.
Remember Freedom and Trust are the Keys to Perfect Love.