Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Where Has The Time Gone? 

When we realize that half of 2008 is now gone, we may be wondering “How?”
If time is an illusion, a creation from our mind’s need to measure and compare,
Then we ourselves are creating an experience that seems to be moving faster.
When we are living on purpose in the moment, time seems to stand still.

Have you noticed that when you are focusing with enjoyment, you lose all sense of time?
Have you noticed when you want something to last forever, you can draw it out?
Have you noticed when you are doing something important, you can a lot done in a short time?
Have you noticed you can set a goal for timely accomplishment, and time will support you?

What have you been doing with your time?
Have you ever done a time efficiency study for yourself?
Have you noticed where you spend most of your time mentally?
Have you observed how you used your non-sleeping hours?

It is probable that you lose time where you are afraid or obsessed.
It is likely that you claim time where you are inspired and appreciative.
By erasing fear with forgiveness we find it takes less time to accomplish.
By enjoying what we are doing, accomplishment is fun, safe, easy and quick.

Where we have inner conflict or opposing goals, we lose time in indecision.
Where we are in integrity mentally, physically and spiritually, the flow is open and effortless.
Time is an obvious measure of our openness and willingness to be, do and have.
Time is a way to disclose where we are not fully in alignment with our expressed goals.

When time slips away, have we lost or gained?
Are we easily being with what is, in the moment?
Or are we lost in indecision and procrastination?
Can we forgive and choose again for what is highest and best?

During this time in our evolution, it seems we are called to pay attention to what appears to be.
In this time, it appears that by being awake and aware, we can easily choose again for what we want.
By being present, we can see what we are creating and let go with our blessing to choose again.
Now in the mid point of 2008, why not celebrate what is on purpose and forgive the rest.

This is a great day to observe and choose again.
What I really want for 2008 is:
What I can do to make this year the best yet is:
What really matters to me this year is:

Loving you in this and every moment as there is only and always NOW.
Betty Lue