Friday, August 01, 2008

Why So Personal? 

Thanks for all the blessings, prayers, well wishes and Love Energy!
Believe me we are all living on Love, far more than we know.
It is our Love Energy that sustains, nurtures, heals and creates through each one of us.
I am loving you and you are loving me.
We indeed are a happy family! (Just as Barney says!)
Betty Lue
Giggles erase the fear “gazoobies” for sure!

Yesterday I shared with you some of my personal journey this summer without the “yucky” details.
I share myself and my life with you, because these Loving reminders are one of my daily connections with Spirit, my daily connection with you and an opportunity to remind myself of the Love we are.

I ask that you delete, ignore, let go and forgive all that is not inspiring you to Love.
I invite you to receive the love, inspiration and wisdom shared as benefits and blesses your life.
I open the way for you to smile, open your heart, be grateful and even laugh when you are moved.
I encourage you to share you good news, your blessings and miracle of Love with others.
I urge you to take impeccable care of yourself so you can be a reminder for others.
I enjoy every note of affirmation, healing, gratitude and transformation that is happening for you.
I realize it is only together that we can awaken our world to the wonders of living in Love.
I celebrate the happening one person and one moment at a time.
I appreciate the changes, transformations and renewals that are occurring with each breath we take.

Remember that life is for the purpose of Giving.
And You are the Gift.
Your were given the Gift of life.
If you take good care of it, it will shine like the sun and be abundant in Joy.
And when you receive your whole Life as the Bountiful Gift it is, you can only feel fulfilled by sharing it.
So Give the Gift You Are with Joy and Gratitude and you will be filled with Love.

Loving you,
Betty Lue