Friday, September 05, 2008


Underlying all anger is fear.
Under all distress is fear.
Under all guilt is fear.
Under all blame is fear.
Under all resentment is fear.
Under all upset is lack of Love.

Under all lack is fear.
A lack of understanding is fear.
A lack of approval is fear.
A lack of protection is fear.
A lack of provision is fear.
A lack of initiative is fear.
A lack of willingness is fear.
A lack of forgiveness is fear.
A lack of kindness is fear.
A lack of generosity is fear.
A lack of caring is fear.

So what on earth are we afraid of?
What do we fear?
We fear what we have done being done to us.
We fear what we have given to be given to us.
We fear the punishment we administered to be administered to us.
We fear the criticism with which we criticized others.
We fear the unkindness we have been to others.
We fear what we have done to others will be done to us.

We may have not killed, but we may have paid for killing with our taxes.
We may not have imprisoned or tortured but we may have allowed it or even agreed.
We may not have denied others food or shelter, but we may not have made an effort to give to shelters.
We may not have been critical to others, but have criticized ourselves or institutions harshly.

You see, when we agree with those things we fear, we are building a world of fear.
When we fear abandonment, we must forgive any abandonment of ourselves and our ideals.
When we fear retribution, we must forgive all the times we hurt ourselves or sought to get even.
When we fostered “teaching someone a lesson”, we must forgive the fear that it produced.

There really is no excuse for withholding love, except that we are afraid.
And it is fear that causes us to withhold Love.
So maybe it is time to clear the fear and simply choose to love.
Peace, Happiness and a sense of safety and love are the result.

So why not forgive and choose to Love?
Loving you,
Betty Lue