Sunday, September 28, 2008

Teachers and Lessons 

Teachers teach the lessons they want to learn and remember.
Teachers teach what they want their students to learn and remember.
Teachers are creating the world in which they want to live.
Teachers are responsible for teaching what they really want to see.

Yesterday, I taught a seminar on Understanding Differences in Conscious Relationships.
I was reminding myself that awareness without judgment heals unconsciousness.
Where we are judging we get stuck with the judgment we hold.
When we accept the apparent differences among people, genders, cultures and religions, we heal.

Underlying everything I teach are some primary messages about our relationships.

1) Dump your emotional waste in the toilet, written on paper, in private, but never on people.
2) Bring love, acceptance, patience and understanding to your loved ones to create more love.
3) You choose how to handle ever encounter.
Treat everyone, (including children, elders, partners) with respect and appreciation and we will build a world we can trust.
4) Love begins within. No matter our personality and past history differences, everyone wants to love and be loved.
Love is our natural state. We were created by Love as Love for the purpose of Loving.
5) Teach only Love. For Love Is Who You Are and Why You Are here. We were created by Love as Love for the purpose of Loving.

Every incident where there appears to be a lack of Love is always a call for Love.
The only mistake we ever make is when we forget to Love.
Whatever the problem or question, Love is the answer.

When we are conscious, we remember to create words, thoughts and actions that are loving for all.
To be conscious, we must forgive ourselves and our history of all unconsciousness.
To be in relationship, we must see what is REAL in our REALationships.
Look beneath the personality and ego’s reactivity and you will see the One within reminding you to Love.

These are primary lessons which we are learning and teaching daily with everyone and everything including ourselves.

Loving you and loving me as we learn to realize the Love we are and extend that Love to everyone,
Betty Lue