Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Where are we living?
We are now living in Trilogy at Rio Vista on the Delta, just 2 miles from the Sacramento River.
Trilogy is an active adult community (over 55 yrs) with single homes (discounted recently by over 30%,!)
The amenities are wonderful for all of us, but especially Mom and Robert. Huge indoor pool and out door pool, lots of fitness programs (yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, spinning, personal trainers, naturopath on staff, massage, and more). Shea (the builder) is environmentally super conscious with new homes being built with solar panels and the latest in conservation. The community is divided into active neighborhoods that look out for the needs of everyone and social interaction to keep retirees as busy as they want. Lots of dances, drama, music, and learning lab with classes on line available to all. Yes, a golf course (we don’t play, but love the space around our home.) Because it is new, we miss the trees and birds, which will come with time. All in all, after living in this community for less than a month, I highly recommend this builder and the Trilogy communities which have their intention a holistic health consciousness in their homes and all programs. Amazing! (PS prices are very low right now…a good time to buy.)

Now what about us?
Big changes for us all!
Mom, my 87 yr. old mother lives with us as of August 11. She has some special needs since she had a sever car accident in March and can no longer drive. However, with inner peace and some quality exercise, she will regain more strength and balance. Both she and Robert work well together. Her stuff got delayed in the moving van, so still isn’t here. She has all new furnishings for her bedroom and sitting room. Her artwork and clothes and important papers ( all she chose to bring), will hopefully arrive late this week. After 30 yrs in Asheville, NC and living on her own the last 12 years in her condo, this is a big and needed adjustment. I commend her honesty and willingness to choose what is best for her maintaining the quality of life at the highest level. (Today will be our first day of water aerobics…all three of us.) This is her favorite form of exercise.
Robert is now full time spiritual leader and minister for Unity on the Delta, in the nearby little town of Oakley, He is primary supporter and care giver with Mom with great respect and understanding. He handles some of our admin tasks and the home front, and is taking impeccable care of himself physically.
He comes with me into the Center for Conscious Living in Pleasant Hill on Tuesdays where he does errands and sees an occasional client and co facilitates our Tuesday evening class on Inspired Living.
His life will be come simpler (by choice) as we finish the remodeling and making it our own. Still in process with Mom’s tub converted to a shower, adding fountains and patio cover for some outdoor living. Lots of wind and sun out here. It is our need and intention to live here permanently. (Robert has lived in 59 homes in his 60 yrs.) We are creating a home sanctuary of simplicity and beauty, peace and ease.
Two gifts we give to others is to take impeccable care of ourselves and to show up with respectful interaction and peace in our hearts.
Betty Lue is creating her new life, still full with meaningful and inspiring service to others. I am beginning to feel settled and at home in our new space. With each expression of beauty in color and sound, with each addition of order with organization and routine, with each inspiring activity and helpful relationship I am finding my new rhythm and balance. For me life is a dance…and I am learning a new dance with new partners (my Mom, plus contractors becoming friends and service people and who live and serve the residents of Trilogy.) There are some new steps to learn like driving 40 minutes instead of 2 minutes to my offices in Pleasant Hill. The grandkids in Alameda see us on weekends or Saturday mornings. And we still go to the grandchildren in Petaluma every other Friday. I see clients in the afternoons three days a week and some Saturdays. I continue teaching classes on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings with monthly seminars. As Associate Minister with Robert, we have a growing spiritual family with lots of programs defined and more to come as we have space available. And to get me moving on my own fitness, I will be teaching T’ai Chi Chih weekly at Brentwood Trilogy community and substituting here when needed. I will be adding some other monthly programs as the holistic needs arise. (New employee for Trilogy, teaching part time classes) Yes, I like to be busy loving, giving, inspiring and serving. It is my life work and play.) My home is super important to me… a place to reflect, renew and stay connected spiritually. We have much silence here in our sanctuary. All three of us like alone time and space. We live easily together because we keep our needs minimal. We share quality foods, quality time together (meal times) and a quality lifestyle focused on service. We laugh, learn, let go and love easily with a commitment to harmony and inner peace.

Wow! Sounds pretty idyllic. And it may be, but it certainly is achievable by everyone.

I am loving you by loving me and everyone who comes into my field of awareness.
Life is good, because I choose to see it Good and treat it well and expand the Goodness in myself.
Betty Lue