Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Adjusting to Life’s Changes 

Are we to change ourselves to harmonize with external circumstances?
Are we to continue doing what we have always done no matter what happens?
Are we to find a happy balance or bend to find the most harmonious outcome?

We are all dealing with changes in the economy.
Some are experiencing changes in family living situations.
Some are feeling the changes in the workplace with stress and income.
Some are experiencing the changes that occur with aging and illness.
Some are feeling the effects of environmental changes in air, water and food.
Some are simply noticing our planet and her people are in distress.

Change is natural in this world.
How we deal with change is the real work.
How we handle the stress and distress is our real job.
Here we are all in this time of needed and dramatic change together.
Now is our time to choose how we handle change to create a greater good.

Some suggestions for your consideration:
Let go of using the past to predict the future.
Forgive the mistakes made by ourselves and past generations.
Undo whatever we are doing that is dishonest or disrespectful.
Allow those who know more to have input, ideas and offer suggestions.
Release unhealthy or destructive habits.
Give ourselves the best balance we can each day with adequate rest, nutrition food, positive news, productive work, harmonious relationships and creative and inspirational enjoyment.
Recognize that “Awareness with Peace and Love is Healing!” (and reveals more to be healed.)
Give up the blaming and guilting games and look for creative solutions and positive outcomes.
Start where we are, letting go of the “if only’s”, “should have’s” and “wishes”.
Choose the most respectful and responsible and cooperative ways to live, love and give now.
Remember always that Goodness creates more Goodness and Love begets Love.
Loving does not mean suffering or sacrificing; Loving is creative and freeing for everyone.
Ask for spiritual guidance daily and listen within for the answers to be trusted and followed.

Spirit Within is leading us all to change with the changing circumstances.
Spirit Within is inviting us to let go and let God and Goodness prevail.
Spirit Within is encouraging us to choose the High Way of appreciation and open-mindedness.
Spirit Within is giving us the prescription for healing ourselves, our families and our world.

Thanks you for forgiving fearful ways and listening to the loving way.
Betty Lue