Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Am I Talking to You? 

Everyone speaks a different language.
Each individual filters what they perceive through their own history and beliefs.
All of us have our own values, goals and priorities in life.
And each mind is listening for what it wants to hear.

When I speak with an individual I listen inside and out for the language they can receive.
Whether intense or gentle, I find I am called to speak to match their energy.
When I speak with a couple or family, each individual has their own agenda and I respond accordingly.
When I speak with a group as teacher or facilitator, I attune my energies with the needs of the group.

When I am writing these Loving Reminders, I tune into Spirit within and simply write what comes.
I am trusting that something will touch, teach or inspire each reader, including myself.
I know that the goodness and Love that created this universe is always loving all of us all the time.
I believe that I am called to share freely the Love I know without withholding or censoring.

When we listen to or read anything from anyone, there will always be filters in place.
When we hear words, we give them the meaning they have for us.
To try to discern exactly what the speaker meant is difficult if not impossible.
When we trust that the other is coming from Love, we interpret their words and actions differently.

The feelings we hold about the speaker, teacher and writer determine our perceived meaning.
When we know we are loved, we hear the words differently than if we feel judged.
When we know we are loved, we interpret the words and actions as gifts of love.
When we feel we are judged, we interpret the words and actions of others at judgments or criticism.

For me, this all means I must give whatever I am giving with Love and respect.
This means, no matter how the other might perceive me, I can remember to Love with every word.
I can forgive and erase any and all judgments of others before, during or after I speak.
I can clear all judgments simply by acknowledging “I am here only to Love.”

You see our judgments truly “Mean nothing”. None of us can see and know enough to judge anyone, for we do not see the entirety of the history of individuals or humanity. We can only play our part with happy willingness to fulfill our function. When we forgive, erase and undo what is not Love, we see only Love. We speak only Love. We give and receive only Love. Our world becomes a reflection of the Love we have and are within.

I am loving you and reporting what I know to be true.
Betty Lue

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