Friday, October 10, 2008

Blessings Already Are Abundant 

Want a change in attitude?
Want more energy?

Want to feel alive with creativity?

Want to have more confidence?

Want to feel loved all the time?

Want to enjoy life more everyday?

Want to feel emotionally healthy?

Want to get up feeling good?

Want to celebrate each day and every One?

Want to feel like you are healed and Holy?

Want to really experience the fullness of Life?

Be grateful…profoundly and deeply grateful for each breath.
Be grateful for every little thing.
Appreciate each tree and flower, the sun and clouds, the wind and rain, the storms and clear weather.
Be like a little child drawn to movement and color and sound and taste.
Savor it all with the wonder of an innocent one who no longer takes for granted life’s simple pleasures.
Wake up and look around and you will be profoundly amazed…unless you sit in the realm of the entitled.

The “entitled ones” seem to think the Good life is one where everything is given to them their way?
It might even seem like the “Good stuff” is what you “get” when you want it?
Or perhaps the “deprived ones” think that God gives out the good stuff just to certain ones?
Or maybe the “suffering ones” are feeling punished by what seems to be lacking or withheld?

The true blessings are all around us.
Spiritual guidance is present for all of us.
A fun, safe easy life in skin on the planet is available for everyone.
And if we are listening to those who feel entitled, deprived or suffer, we cannot see the blessings.

Abundant blessings are experienced by those who have forgiven the mistakes.
Abundant blessings are seen and felt by those who are trusting and receptive.
Abundant blessings are enjoyed by those who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear.
Abundant blessings are most often noticed in the Great and profound Beauty of the Mystery of Life.

Breath is profoundly healing.
Beauty is recognized in simplicity.
Love is always all around us.
Joy is found whenever we are grateful.
Real gifts are best experienced when we give them.
Lasting pleasure comes when we take time to savor what is always with us.
Life is a gift to be given, but can only be received fully by the appreciative giver.

Stop looking for temporal pleasure and find the blessings in eternal treasures.
Loving you,
Betty Lue