Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Feeling Good! 

It is so Good to feel Good!
Seems like the “gazoobies” got me when I wasn’t looking this year.
Even good stress is stress to the immune system and there you go……..
I was giving attention to all the Good stuff in my life and didn’t take adequate care of my physical self.

So with lots of breathing, resting, forgiving and affirmation, I am feeling much better.
I noticed it is important not to be impatient (low level anger) with myself and my body.
I noticed it was essential that I stay home even when I wanted to push to be with the people I love.
I noticed it has been a long time since I have experienced such fatigue and need to slow down.
I noticed how much I push myself to keep going and not tend to my own needs.

So what is there to learn?
Everything is a learning opportunity.
I can give kindness and love to myself as I would to everyone else.
I can realize that breaks (illness, etc) may be opportunities for spiritual renewal.
I can allow myself the gift of time and space with nothing to do without getting sick.
I can be present for and with Spirit much better in quiet and alone.
I can remember what kind of diet and daily habits are truly best for my overall health and well-being.
I can reinstitute what works for me immediately and reap the rewards immediately.
(It is almost like the body needs to hear the promise of impeccable care and respond instantly.)

What do you notice when you are under the weather, sick or in emotional crisis?
What can you learn from what is happening in your life and the lives of those around you today?
What can be changed, chosen or committed to that will have the most profound positive impact?
How can you use what is to inspire you to create a better sense of well-being and contribution?

I know that what each one of us learns impacts the greater Good of All.
I know that when anyone heals, we are all healed.
I know that consciousness is raised when even one of us sees the world a little more clearly.
I believe that just a little forgiveness and loving kindness ripples out as a blessing to everyone.

I feel blessed that we are together in this world at this time.
Know I am here for you and with you during these critical times.
Know that you can call on Spirit (God, Higher Power) for the help you need.
Know that in our joining everyone’s needs can and will be met.

I am trusting that all is Good when we live and give from the Goodness within.
Blessings abundant for you,
Betty Lue