Friday, October 03, 2008

Help Wanted and Received Helps Everyone 

Robert and I are off to a Unity Retreat at Asilomar for the weekend.
“The Mystic’s Path” is the theme. And we will walk along the beach to be fully present.
No written Loving Reminders for two days, but always sending you Love, wherever I am.xxoo Betty Lue

When we want help, we must ask to be open to fully receive what is given.
Help given with judgment and opinions is no help at all.
Help given with compassion and respect helps receiver and giver alike.
Help given unsolicited is viewed as interference and judgmental.
Help given anonymously sometimes is a blessing and may feel like the game of “Who loves me?”
Help given with sacrifice may offer as much guilt as blessing.
Help given as requested and when requested registers as a Godsend.

All this being realized causes some to nt ask for help.
Help may be wanted but we fell guilt because we recognize our errors.
Help may be wanted but we are afraid of what we might be expected to give in return.
Help may be wanted but we know it will bring on the judgments of others.
Help may be wanted but we don’t want people to know we are in need.
Help may be wanted but we are unsure of who is capable and willing to respond.
Help may be wanted but we are frightened by admitting to ourselves of our need.

How do we come to know that help given and receive is a blessing to everyone?
All that we give is given to ourselves.
There is only the greater One that we benefit when we give to one another.
Giving and receiving are One and the same.
What we give identifies what we have within. We realize our gift when we give.
We are our brother’s keeper.
When we realize we are all part of the same spiritual family, all creations of Love, we give to others.
Whatever a brother asks, give it….unless it does harm to him or to you.
When we withhold love from anyone, we are denying ourselves and limiting our capacity to love.
Life is for giving. You are the gift.
It is in giving All of yourself that you realize your limitlessness.
Give All to All to have All.
When we give all that is real and eternal, we recognize what is of God and Good for All.

There are so many ways to help while respecting the dignity of those we give to.
Life challenges us during stressful times of contraction to give of ourselves.
It is in giving that we keep the flow of hope, love, generosity and prosperity flowing.
Giving may entail money and things, but most often comes with kindness and consideration.

Give with encouragement, not condescension.
Give with joy, not with pity.
Give with laughter, not with sorrow.
Give with freedom, not with restriction.
Give with trust, not expectation and demand.
Give with love and affirmation, now with fear and judgment.
Give with gratitude, not with impatience.

Life is for giving.
We are here to help one another.
And what we give is given to ourselves and all humanity.
Be bold and generous when you give and feel how full and fulfilled you are.

Loving you,
Betty Lue