Thursday, October 02, 2008

Tough Times 

“Tough Times Never Last. Tough People Do.” Robert Schuller

Whether economic hardship, health issues, family crises or political ineptitude, times will change.
Sooner or later we cycle back into prosperity, health, family harmony and political wisdom.
Humanity has the knack of healing itself when it trusts in a better outcome.
The trick is to let go of the mistakes quickly. Learn and move on.

Fear is healed with loving assurance.
Poverty is healed with education and jobs.
Illness is healed with inner peace and helpful care.
Discord is healed with forgiveness and understanding.
Ignorance and greed are healed with enlightenment and generosity.

Life strives to move to the highest state of wholeness.
People seek simply to love and be loved.
Bodies are always seeking to be well.
Human beings long for respect, harmony and cooperation.
Crazy and immature behavior requires the infusion of sanity and mature wisdom.

Now is the time when each one of us can make a BIG difference.
Vote, yes vote for the people and propositions that make sense to you for the Good of All.
If you do not know what is Good, ask those who live what they teach.
Ask people you admire.
Ask those who live serving others.
Educate yourself, so you are not ignorant.
Vote for the principle not the personality.

Yes, now we can make a difference.
Speak reassuringly.
Give generously where you can make the most difference.
Teach Love, not fear.
Act with peace, not with anger.
Treat others with kindness, not with ill will.
Speak with affirmation not defamation.

The ripple effect is that your negative and fearful thoughts, words and behavior create more of the same.
Your positive and kind thoughts, words and behavior create more of the same.
If you want a world that is terrified, paralyzed and stuck in struggle and pain, give more of the same.
If you want a world that is hope, creative and changing toward healing and peace, speak about it.

Your imagination is building the world you envision.
Use your imagination and your will and your words to create what you want for us and future generations.
Use your actions to express hope and faith in a better future to come.
Use your will to move toward better times.

You are making a difference in my life.
You are making a difference in your life.
You are making a difference in all life.
Thanks for choosing wisely and well.
Betty Lue