Thursday, October 09, 2008

Yom Kippur = Day of Atonement 

When we have forgiven there is only unity and “oneness” and inner peace.
Today is the High Holy Day in Jewish tradition, a day to forgive and be forgiven. Atonement is often interpreted as the act of making amends or atoning for our wrong-doings. When we have done our holy and healing work of giving our love and blessings to those we may have harmed or may have harmed us, we realize we at one again “at one”. Thus with forgiveness this is the day of “at-one-ment”.

During any and every crisis, there are thoughts of who and what to blame.
During any crisis we look for a way out or around, rather than through.
During our experience of crisis, we may judge, resist, suffer, and act irrationally.
During this apparent global economic crisis, we may get caught in the reactivity and fear around us.

This is all on purpose.
Weather crises, economic crises, family crises, job crises, health crises--- all to get our attention.
We need to wakeup form our lethargy or complacency and actively choose our highest way.
We each need to deal with our own personal crisis with honesty, clarity, commitment and choice.

The real work is always to find and hold steady to our chosen course.
During any storm in life (health, money, relationship, emotional healing) we must find the high way.
We must act on what we know to keep our head above water and choose sane and simple solutions.
Whatever confronts or confuses us is a call for calm and returning to principle-centered living.

Why bother?
Why not just play victim?
Why not sit back and wait for someone else to decide?
Why not spend energy asking “why me?”

If you are reading this remember, you have been chosen.
If you are in crisis, you are a chosen one.
If you are wondering what to do, you are being called.
If you are paying attention, it is time to choose.

Let’s use mercury in retrograde, full moon, yom kippur, hurricanes, job loss, stock market crash, health problems, bankruptcy, foreclosure, divorce, …..everything as an opportunity to forgive and choose again.
What are we forgiving?
Our ignorance, our fears, our impotence, our willingness to go along with the crowd, our judgments and everything that appears to be disturbing our inner peace.
Let’s forgive all the negative and limiting qualities we see in others, because they are also in all of us.
Let’s forgive a world that has been making up it is OK, when it has been functioning on make believe.
And when we are clear of our fear and judgment, what is it we will choose?

Choose once again to be at peace.
Choose to treat yourself and others with respect.
Choose to wake up and stay awake.
Choose what is really best for yourself and those around you.
Choose for laughter and simple pleasures.
Choose for the High way and the Good for all.
Choose and you will begin to feel strong and capable, active and willing.
Choose and you will see that you can do and create a world that you want to be true.
Choose and you will enjoy what you have instead of seeking for more.
Choose and you will be grateful for all that you give as well as what you receive.
Choose and you will return to love, love for Self and for humanity.

I am choosing to Love you and All as One on this High and Holy Day.
Betty Lue
Choose the high way for our children. The innocence and preciousness you see in them is in everyone, simply covered over by the masks that we learn to wear.