Monday, November 10, 2008

Are You Self-Denying or Deserving? 

Recently I had the opportunity to look at life in a new way, when listening and learning with a caller.
When feeling sad and unfulfilled, is it possible we are denying ourselves happiness and fulfillment.
When feeling lonely and unloved, is it possible we are denying ourselves connection and love?
When feeling neglected and devalued, is it possible we are denying ourselves attention and appreciation?

Only we can deny ourselves anything.
And it is to ourselves that we give. ACIM

Make a list of all the things you lack.
List what you wish you had.
List what you feel you need.
List what feel you have been denied.

Take responsibility.
Only I have denied myself.
I deserve Goodness and Happiness.
After each item write:
I forgive myself for denying myself.
I deserve what is Good for me.

But what if I become self and greedy?
But what about what others will say?
But what if I make others jealous or sad?
But what if I can’t have what I want?

These are the thoughts that perpetuate self-denial.
We can choose different thoughts.

What is Best for me is best for others.
Giving to myself teaches others to give to themselves.
The more I love myself, the more others love themselves and others.
I deserve all the Good and Happiness God wants for me.

When self denial is erased, there is a glow of Goodness and generosity that surrounds us.
We stop denying others what they deserve. We seek fulfillment and joy for everyone.
We stop wanting what we can’t have and are grateful for what is in our lives.
We stop comparing ourselves with others and seek only what is Best for us.

Life is for giving to ourselves as well as to our world.
Loving you,
Betty Lue