Sunday, November 09, 2008


Are you feeling lonely?
Are you feeling lost and afraid?
Are you feeling needy and dependent?
Are you not feeling connected to the God and Good in you?

If you are displaying the disconnecting habits of criticism, complaint, threat, nagging, trying to control and manipulate and/or punishing overtly or subtly, you need someone or something with which to connect.

If you are feeling disconnected, in my words “YUCKY”, you need someone to love you.
When you are feeling “yucky”, you are probably resistant and difficult to love.
When you are feeling disconnected, you may feel unworthy of being loved and so avoid Love.
When you are feeling separate and alone, your ego tries to be right by making sure you stay alone.

So what can you do for yourself?
What you can do is find your most easily opened window or door or porthole to Love.
Singing a song or chant?
Helping a neighbor or homeless person?
Tending to your pets or plants?
Writing a kind and loving note to someone?
Watching a funny movie?
Saying thank you out loud for everything?
Reading an inspirational book?
Repeating over and over a comforting scripture or poem?
Taking a nap with your hands touching your face?
Looking in the mirror with the tears you feel and saying “I love you.” again and again.
Feed yourself comfort foods.
Stop denying yourself the love you need and want.

What can others do for you?
We can love you anyway.
We can keep on loving you no matter what.
We can forgive you for pushing us away and keep on loving.
We can stop judging, fearing or reacting to your neediness.
We can write a note, smile with kindness and or/give you a hug.
We can ask what you might want or need and joyfully give it.
We can give you comfort and reassurance.
We can listen and wait patiently for you to receive our love.
We can not allow your behavior to hurt us or make you feel guilty.
We can prepare a special meal or do some kindness for you.
We can suggest something that interrupts the disconnected feelings.
We can carry on and act normally, until you remember.
We can ask for some love ourselves and open the door to receive.

When we disconnect, we usually do not recognize we have done it to ourselves.
When we disconnect, we may believe we do not deserve to be loved.
When we disconnect, we often are in pain physically or emotionally.
When we disconnect, we are usually afraid it will go one forever.

It may take the strong will of someone who is patient and truly loving to break down the walls.
Loving you always, in every way I know,
Betty Lue