Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Listening Within 

Dear One,
Your patience with another is your patience with yourself.
Is not a child of God worth patience?
You have all the time in the world.

Oh my gosh, this is the lesson I am here to learn. Be patient.

Right here and now. Be patient with humanity. Everyone will awaken in their own time.
Be patient with your brothers and sisters, for they are each choosing their path and their purpose.
Be patient with your brothers for they are learning the lessons they have chosen to learn.
Be patient with your sisters for they are learning Who they are.
Be patient with yourself for you are on purpose and on path awakening and facilitating each one who comes your way to be more fully conscious of the path and purpose they have chose. Nothing needs to be done, except be present with consciousness.
Remember the more fully awake you are, the more light you bring.
The more light you bring the more is seen and learned, received and given.
Yes, sometimes those who would rather sleep want to turn out the light and roll over to sleep again.
Remember the bad dreams and nightmares are simply offered as an incentive to see with unconsciousness humanity remains incompetent and incapable.
With full awareness, acknowledging and forgiving all mistakes, humanity becomes open to a higher truth, a path to freedom and trust.

I know that I am here to be conscious and awake, to hold a light so bright that all might find their own chosen path to Love, to freedom and trust. In my desire to have everyone be whole and happy and free, sometimes I push. I want the grand undoing, the release from pain and suffering for everyone. I have volunteered to participate until we all are free, so here I am wanting to move things along. What a laugh, since the timing is dependent solely on the willingness and level of awareness for each one! So there, in letting go of the push, in enjoying the miracles of the journey, in willingness to delight in process, in the gratitude for each piece of the greater whole, I celebrate and allow. I embrace and enjoy. I honor and respect. It is good to participate. It is easy to forgive and let go. It is my lesson to learn to trust in the process and free all of us to find our own paths in our own timing. So I am grateful.

And for today, Dear Friend, what is your calling and your purpose?
How can you be happy if you do not know where you are going or how to get there?
Rather than try to content yourself with temporal achievements and material acquisitions, look within and listen for what will bring you lasting happiness and inner peace. Rather than rely on candy and quick highs to satisfy you deepest hunger, seek only the most nourishing and life giving experiences.
What is your single goal in life?
What is the highest gift you can give to those you love?
What is the story you want to tell when physical life is done?
Why not choose to write your history by seeking to live it now?

Yes, you can have the life you want, by choosing to live in integrity with what you truly seek to be.
Yes, you can build the family and community you see in your heart, by living the Truth you know.
Yes, you can be the one who holds the light and celebrates each one’s awakening as you stay awake.
Yes, you can bring Love and healing, forgiveness and peace to each one’s ignorance and suffering.
Yes, you can. And for this all creation rejoices.

Thanking you and loving you as One with mySelf,
Betty Lue