Monday, November 03, 2008

Making Mistakes? 

Are you making mistakes?
Have you learned anything?
Have you ever made mistakes?
What have you learned?

Life is a game of choice and chance.
We always have choices.
There is always another chance to make a new choice.
What choices do you make when you have the chance?

If we are busy judging the choices we have made, we rarely are willing to take another chance.
There is a built in failsafe system in the time/space paradigm in which we can choose again.
The question is what do we choose when we give ourselves the chance to choose again.
The answer is in choosing happiness when we correct our errors with forgiveness and Love.

It looks like there are lots of mistakes being made.
It looks like humanity keeps choosing fear instead of love.
It seems like when we feel guilty, we try to blame someone else.
It seems like we forget to simply forgive ourselves and choose again.

I forgive myself for letting anyone or anything hurt me.
I forgive myself for taking things personally.
I forgive myself for making assumptions about others motives.
I forgive myself for projecting my fears and judgments onto others.
I forgive myself for not remembering to let go and trust God.
I forgive myself for not always choosing forgiveness and Love.
I forgive myself for withholding Love from anyone for any reason.
I forgive myself for not always sharing spiritual wisdom with Divine Love.

I find when it looks like anyone has made a mistake, it works best for me to forgive myself.
To see it in another, means that that error lives somewhere in my consciousness.
By forgiving my faulty perception, I reveal the real call for Love in those who have forgotten.
By remembering, I remind others. By forgiving myself, I am forgiving all.
By choosing again to see the Love and Goodness within myself, I see it in others.
By giving myself this gift of Peace, I am giving God’s Peace to everyone.
I am releasing my misperceptions and seeing a world of beauty and goodness and Love.

This is where mistakes are released instantly by those who choose to change the channel to one of Love.
This is a space where we can undo what is not true to reveal the Truth in One another.
This is the time where we can join in erasing a story of human unconsciousness and see the Good.
Let’s vote for hope, not fear.

Loving everyone who is choosing consciously.
What matters is that we take full responsibility for our choice and learn from it.
Loving you and me and all humanity,
Betty Lue